Proposed MLA 2013 Sessions on Everyday Life

Everyday Romanticism: Special Session

Papers are welcome that examine the category of ‘the everyday’ in transnational Romantic-era writing, including attempts to theorize the everyday in light of industrialization, imperialism, and world war. 300-word abstract by 15 March 2012; Michael Hardy ( and William Galperin  (

Muslim Everyday Life: Special Session

Seeking abstracts on fictional depiction of Muslim everyday life as an indeterminate space of negotiation between the sacral and the secular; theories of novel and indeterminacy of everyday life. 250-word abstract by 15 March 2012

Contact: Mosarrap Khan (

Cervantes and His World in the Novelas ejemplares

Allied Organization: Cervantes Society of America

Celebrating the 400th anniversary, material culture and everyday life in the Novelas ejemplares. Preferred focus on the collection, rather than individual novels. One-page abstracts. by 15 March 2012; Adrienne L. Martín (

Everyday Woolf

Allied Organization: International Virginia Woolf Society

Panel on Virginia Woolf’s provocative conception of everyday life, or the ordinary day, as both “the proper stuff of fiction” and the “cotton wool” that obscures “real” life. 250 word abstracts by 1 March 2012; Tara Thomson (


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