Funding Continues for NYU English Research Group on Transnational Everyday Life

The Dept. of English, New York University, has decided to fund the NYU English Research Group on Transnational Everyday Life for the third year. Here is an excerpt from the email:

“We’re writing to inform you that the Committee on Events and Public Programs is awarding your group on “Transnational Everyday Life” $… for 2013-14 to cover items 2. and 3. in your submitted budget.  Given that your reading group has been producing videos, the committee would like to encourage you to schedule a meeting with the Digital Studio in Bobst to develop your audio-visual content for the department’s Digital Commons.

If it turns out that you do end up organizing and sponsoring public talks, as proposed, you are welcome to re-apply for further funds.  It is our hope that you’ll look first to the greater NYC area for potential speakers.  We’d also like you to be open to approaches you may receive from faculty in the NYU English Department: to promote greater faculty/graduate student exchange, we are encouraging colleagues who wish to invite an external speaker to get in touch with you if their speaker’s projected topic has a natural fit with your group’s interests and activities.  In addition, we’d like you to forge alliances with other groups where possible.

As a condition of funding, we expect that a representative of your group will attend an open house meeting, to be held at the outset of the fall term, designed to facilitate coordination of graduate groups for the coming year and to invite incoming PhD and MA students to participate in your plans; the graduate representatives on the Graduate Program Committee will be in touch with you about that soon.”

Like last year, in 2013-2014, we will continue organizing reading sessions and producing videos with scholars who are working on everyday life. In case, we find any potential speaker around, we would also like to organize talks.

Additionally, this academic year we would like to produce content in the form of blog pieces on books, articles, lectures in the areas of transnational everyday life.

If you want to be part of the group or if you have any suggestions, please email the group coordinator, Mosarrap H. Khan: <>


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