Reading Schedule for Fall 2014:

This academic year (2014-15), we will be conducting reading and discussion sessions in association with NYU Space Group. Please find the details of the readings and schedule of meetings here:

1. Reading the First Chapter from  Henri Lefebvre’s The Production of Space

Time: Thursday, November 20, 2014, 5.00 pm – 7.00 pm.

Venue: English Dept. Event Space, 244 Greene Street, NYC.

2. Reading Michel Foucault’s “Of Other Spaces

Time: Monday, December 1, 2014, 5.00 pm – 7.00 pm.

Venue: English Dept. Event Space, 244 Greene Street, NYC.


Reading Schedule for Spring 2014:

The NYU English Research Group on Everyday Life will hold three Reading Sessions in the Spring 2014 term. The theme of this reading session is ‘Women & Everyday Life’.

Place: 244 Greene Street (NYU English Dept.); Room: 805

Time: 5.00-6.30 PM  (Room #805; NYU English Dept., 244 Greene Street, NYC)

Meeting Dates

March 27 (Thursday)

Selections From:

Virginia Woolf: Moments of Being (1976);

Liesl Olson – Modernism and the Ordinary (Second Chapter) – Virginia Woolf and the Ordinary (apologies for my notes on the introduction. please ignore them.)

May 11 (Sunday)

Selections From:

Naomi Schor: Reading in Detail (2007)

August 14 (Thursday)

Selections From:

Anindita Ghosh (Ed.): Behind the Veil Behind the Veil: Resistance, Women, and the Everyday in Colonial South Asia (2008)

We are open to suggestions from the participants about other texts.

Looking forward to seeing you!


Reading Schedule for Spring 2013:

Theme: Everyday Life and Boredom

On 24 April, 2013; 3.00 pm at 13-19 University Place, Room No. B05:  we will read part of Patricia Meyer Spacks’ Boredom Patricia Meyer Spacks (1995). Adrian Versteegh will lead the discussion. Please focus on chapter 1 & 7.

On 7 May, 2013; 3.00 pm at 13-19 University Place, Room No. B05: we will read part of Saikat Majumdar’s newly released book, Prose of the World Saikat Majumdar (2013). Mosarrap Khan will lead the discussion.

Looking forward to seeing you!


Program Schedule for Spring Term, 2012:

[All meetings will take place on Fridays 1.00-3.00 pm; Room No. 505, Dept. of English, NYU, 19 University Place, NYC.]

2 March, 2012: Reading Henri Lefebvre (Mosarrap Khan)

16 March, 2012: Reading Michel de Certeau The Practice of Everyday Life (Gerald Byunghoon Song)

30 March, 2012: Reading Mikhail Bakhtin Introduction & Bakhtin readings (Brian Droitcour)

13 April, 2012: Reading Selections from Foucault & Selections from James Scott (Mary Ann Chacko)

27 April, 2012: Special Discussion on “Everyday Life & Utopia” Archaeologies of the Future – Frederic Jameson & 4th section from this chapter from Marx’s The German Ideology (Nick Matlin)


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